We stock Cheyenne!

Diamond Tattoo Supplies are delighted to announce that we stock Cheyenne. From their premium catrdiges to the industry favourite machines and power supplies. 


First up, the Hawk Pen!
The Cheyenne Hawk pen is a perfect tool for Tattoo Artists. Not only does its streamline design stand the test of time, it is a tried and tested product within the industry. Using Anodised Aluminium in the process of manufacturing makes it durable and scratch proof and also a hygienic tool for the artist to use. The balance pen -like shape gives you a feeling of drawing, when employing any style when tattooing. It gives a beautiful mix of being able to create fine lines to gentle shading and even filling in. For ease and comfort there are 2 grips options, that you can change individually. They can also be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath or sterilised in an autoclave.


Secondly, the Cheyenne cartridges!
Cheyenne HAWK needle cartridges are completely sterile and contain a hygiene membrane that prevents any tattoo ink or body fluids coming into contact with the Cheyenne HAWK tattoo machine. Made in Germany, Cheyenne's HAWK needle cartridges provide clean and precise punctures that are easy on the client's skin. Diamond are proud to be stocking these great cartridges that we know so many of you love and trust.

And last but not least, power & co!
We currently stock the Cheyenne PU1 power unit and the black Cheyenne Foot Switch. Cheyenne's power supplies are tried, tested and trusted within the industry so it was a no brainer that we included these in our initial stock drop of Cheyenne!

The range of Cheyenne will of course continue to grow, and like always if there are scpeifics, alternatives or related things you'd love to see then do not hesitate to contact us!
We are not just a supply company, we are your supply company.