Apprentice Tattoo Kit

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Apprentice Tattoo Kit

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This is a professional tattoo kit at a great value price. If you're interested in permanent tattooing, this apprentice advanced kit is perfect to train alongside a professional tattoo artist and is ideal for when you are entering in to the final stages of your apprenticeship. The kit is fully loaded with all you'll ever need to start practicing tattooing

The Kit includes


1 x Tattoo boutique power supply Output DC 1.5-18v Input AC 90V-250V 50HZ-60HZ

1x Dagger clipcord

1 x Custom footpedal


6 Radiant inks ½ oz

50 x ink cups

20 x spirit freehand stencil paper

150 grommets

50 Dagger brand tattoo needles ( liner)

50 x Dagger brand tattoo needles (shaders)

40  x Dagger brand disposable grips

If you have never tattooed professionally before, we urge that an extensive training course or apprenticeship is taken place before work is attempted on real skin, We do not condone any tattooing on real human skin unless done so by a registered tattoo artist, who is registered at a licensed premises in accordance with all relevant laws.

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